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Sumilon Island is located in the southeastern side of Oslob, Cebu, just in front of the whale shark watching area, approximately 15-20 minutes away via a motorized boat. The total land area of the island is just 24 hectares covered with green vegetation, white sand beaches and crystal clear and turquoise blue sea waters ideal for swimming.

The Sumilon Island Sandbar

‘Now you see, Now you don’t’ – Sumilon island sandbar like the manjuyod sandbar of the next province approximately less than a 100km from sumilon or other sandbars around the Philippines, there are times you won’t be seeing it during high tides. What makes this sandbar more amazing aside from the white sands is the fact that it keeps on changing its shape and location depending on the season or weather.

Diving and snorkeling at Sumilon Island Sanctuary

According to some local divers around oslob area, the island has four major dive sites called Garden Eel Plaza, Nikki’s Wall, Coral Landscape and Julie’s Rock. The abundance of stunning and beautiful coral reefs and colorful tropical marine species is what makes those dive sites perfect. Oops there’s more. Sometimes, sharks also show up during dives.

Snorkeling at the Sumilon island sanctuary offers a bit different experience than diving. Of course you can still see the beautiful and colorful coral reefs but marine species you’ll be seeing is mostly smaller ones.

Sumilon island Blue waters resort

I’ve been asked several times already by some friends who haven’t gone to the island yet and those that are not from here in Cebu if it is true that getting to Sumilon Island is expensive. It was probably on the second or third time I was being asked that I replied with a question, asking them what makes them think that it is expensive. And the answer was ‘because it is owned and managed by a private resort –the blue waters resort’. Well, that is partly true that day use fees in sumilon blue waters resort is a bit expensive but it will surely be worth it. What you’ll be paying for covers the boat ride from the main land to sumilon island and back, a lunch buffet, swimming at the infinity pool, kayaking, some trekking and caving, snorkeling and swimming at the sandbar. Most of them said they’re not interested in all other activities just the swimming at the sandbar and snorkeling at the sanctuary. So I told them that they can still do it without checking in at the resort. They just have to rent a motorized boat.

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