What is Kawasan Falls Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu? | Cebu Rent-A-Van for Oslob, Kawasan Falls, Canyoneering, Moalboal, Badian Cebu

Probably a lot of people already know what is canyoneering adventure really is and the activities involve in doing it. Well, it’s kind of expected though since Badian, Cebu and Alegria, Cebu canyoneering have been gaining popularity as one of the best and a must try adventures in Cebu, Philippines. But, based on some of thephone inquiries for our tours and van rental services, there are still few people who have no idea of what canyoneering really is.

According to Wikipedia.org, canyoneering, also known as canyoning is the sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping. In Cebu’s canyoneering adventures, there are actually more to it than those activities listed.

The very first thing is the motorbike ride. Probably to most people, motorbike ride is no longer an adventure as they might have done it quite often but there are still people who have not tried riding motorbikes and others have tried but just in urban areas and not to the mountain side. To get to the canyoneering jump off area, it would take approximately 10 minutes motorbike ride. Of course duration depends on how fast your driver is.

The next one will be trekking. Like motorbike ride or habal-habal ride, there may be some people out there who have not tried doing trekking to the mountain side. This one could get your adrenaline pumping a bit and would probably get you to catch some breathe for a bit. Trekking to the canyoneering starting area would take just around 15 – 20 minutes though but again it would depend on how fast you walk.

Then finally, it will be the start of actual canyoneering. You’ll now be doing a lot of waterfalls jumping, I think, if I haven’t lost count, there are at least nine (9) waterfall jumps to make, two (2) water slides, one (1) swing from a vine, a couple of stone wall climbing, crawling under the holes of the stone walls and of course a lot of swimming. What really challenged me the most on this adventure; the jump to a 70-footwaterfall. I’m not that afraid of heights or even jumping but that was the highest of all jumps I have done. Some other jumps are just 50 feet, 25 feet, 6 feet and some even lesser than that. Please note that the height here may vary depending on the season. If it’s rainy season, this would be a bit lower but during summer this heights could increase as the water level goes down.

Now we’ll end our canyoneering adventure at kawasan falls in Badian, Cebu. Up to this point, we probably have consumed at least 3 hours. Our last adventure will be the bamboo rafting and swimming at Kawasan Falls. If you’ve rented a bamboo raft, someone will drive the raft or pull the ropes to bring it under the waterfalls. A word of advice if you are not used to hard massage, let the raft driver know so he can pull it through the side of the falls and not at the center where water pressure is really high. You can somehow feel the weight of the water as it hits your back or any part of your body. Despite all that, the feeling after the water massage is really amazing. You really have to try it!