Site & Facilities

Geographical Location

Our office location is a very strategic one. We are located at the heart of the city, with very easy access from and agent1to any major establishments in the city –just a few minutes away from city hall and other government agency offices. On top of the fact that we are the only BPO Center in the city that have continuosly operated for more than 5 years, this has somehow give us a boost to our local reputation for giving the locals a stable job.

FVS had never experienced too much difficulties in getting talents within the area. Tagum City had at least 6 Colleges and Universities providing at least a thousand graduates every year single year. These does not include the universities and schools from the neighboring cities. As of today, the whole province has only around 5 call centers and all of it is in Davao City except for us.

PLDT, GLOBE, BAYANTEL – All 3 major Internet Service Providers have been present in the area providing the premium fiber optic based internet connection which assures us with fast and reliable internet connection. –We are enjoying the same quality of internet service with those in major cities in the country.

Rooms for Growth and expansionagent1

As of January 2015, we are occupying the whole 2nd floor with 160 seats in total and with just a hundred currently being occupied. We still have 60 seats vacant and available for your campaign. The 3rd floor of the same building is available and had been vacant for over a year now should we need to expand to the next floor which can handle up to 200 seats.

Conference Room — equipped with conference phone, Desktop PC set and LCD Projector. We handle client conferences, management team conferences and Campaign/Team meetings on this room.



IT Infrastructure and Setup
Standard Agent Computer Specifications

Each of our agent station has been setup with at least a core 2 duo desktop computers with 2 Gigabytes of Memory, 17″ LCD Monitors and plantronics usb headsets with noise cancellation capabilities. Other agent stations have higher specifications, using i3 processors with 4GB of memory. Some other stations have even higher specs as required by the client.

Premium Fiber Optic based Internet Line Connection

Internet connection is the vessel of all data and voice traffic for al technology based businesses –not just in call centers. It plays a very vital role in the success of every one’s business. With that fact, FVS has invested and subscribed to a premium fiber optic based internet connection from the country’s leading internet service provider –not just one, but 2 t3 premium internet connection from the top 2 Internet Service Providers to make sure that even in the very seldom case of fiber breaks within or outside the country, we can always deliver the production needed and expected from us.

Power outage Protectionagent1

To ensure continuous service to our clients even in very unfortunate case of power outages, FVS have invested in UPS more than enough to support the power requirement of the whole production computers and servers up to 12 hours. In the event of outages, gas fueled generator kicks in in just 3-5 minutes.

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