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For the last 2 years or so, flower gardens within Cebu that have been opened for public viewing has been increasing and of course follows the increasing number of tourists visiting the said attractions. The first one that gained a lot of popularity is the sirao flower garden then a couple of months or year later, 10,000 roses was opened, then there is another flower farm somewhere in the mountains of minglanilla, cebu (though I haven’t been there yet that is why I do not have pictures or the exact location) then another one opened somewhere in Cordova, Cebu, just few kilometers away from 10,000 roses and now the buwakan ni alejandra in balamban, Cebu.

Sirao Flower Garden, Sirao, Cebu City

Sirao Flower Garden is located in barangay Sirao, approximately 20 kilometers from Cebu City or approximately an hour drive. You’ll be passing through the intersections for other popular tourist destinations like temple of Leah and tops look out in barangay busay. If you are not from Cebu, the easiest option to get to Sirao farm is to rent a van. Of course you can always commute though but I haven’t tried it so probably your option would be to go for the Vans for hire (GT Express) that are passing through the transcentral highway going to Balamban proper and just drop off at the intersection for Sirao. From there, it would probably a 15-20 minute walk. Another option if you are not in a big group is rent a motorcycle or habal-habal near JY Square mall in Lahug. If you are driving a private vehicle, aside from the landmarks mentioned above, you can follow a tourist van going to Sirao. There is probably more than 30 trips in a day going to that location or simply ask the locals beside the road for directions.

Buwakan ni Alejandra in Balamban, Cebu

Buwakan ni Alejandra is located a bit farther than Sirao flower garden but on the same route. From Cebu city, it is around 33 kilometers and around 90 minutes of driving. From Sirao, Buwakan ni Alejandra is approximately 16 kilometers and just 2 kilometers before west 35.

10,000 roses in Cordova, Cebu

10,000 roses in Cordova, Cebu

10,000 roses in Cordova, Cebu

10,000 roses in Cordova, Cebu

10,000 white roses in Cordova, Cebu

The 10,000 roses is just a few meters away from the famous Lantaw restaurant at Cordova branch. This is approximately 21 kilometers from Cebu city via the old mactan bridge and travel time will be less than an hour depending on traffic of course.

The comparison

In sirao flower farm also known as little amsterdam, most of their plants are flower bearing ones which mostly dominated by colors of red, orange and yellow. There is also a block which mostly covered by a violet colored flower. Just by mere estimate, there are at least 8 varieties there while in Buwakan ni Alejandra, for me, the feature there is the different varieties of plants, be it a flower bearing ones or not. Though they have lots of non-flower bearing plants, the leaves are the ones coloring the place. Hues are ranging from or includes dark brown, red, yellow, orange, pink, white, violet, blue and of course green. While 10,000 roses offers a different look. For one, it is not real plants, these are just LED lights and composed of just 2 colors, green and white. But the view of it during night time is really magnificent. As for my recommendation as which one you should visit, I would say, get to all of it!!!

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