Why Simala Shrine is one of the most visited church in southern Cebu despite the distance from Cebu City? | Cebu Rent-A-Van for Oslob, Kawasan Falls, Canyoneering, Moalboal, Badian Cebu

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist or Church of the miraculous virgin Mary of Simala or popularly known as Simala Church/Shrine is a big castle like church built by marian monks sometime in 1998 at the marian hills in barangay lindogon, sibonga, Cebu. It immediately gained popularity as there was a lot of citing of miraculous events happened including the tears that came out from the Mama Mary statue’s eyes. Since then, devotees and believers from the province of Cebu or even from anywhere in the Philippines flock to Cebu to visit Simala Church.

It is believed that the image of Mama Mary in Simala Church is miraculous especially in healing of any illnesses. Devotees that came here asks for guidance, help to succeed in licensure examinations, wisdom to solve the problems or difficulties in life and others simply came to Simala Shrine for thanks giving. Proofs or letters thanking Mama Mary after what they’ve asked is given is mostly kept in a wood and glass cabinet placed along the way to the miraculous image of Mama Mary.

Me and my family have been visiting mama Mary in Simala Church on a monthly basis since the year 2010 to ask for guidance, good health, strength and wisdom to be able to solve whatever problems in life, protection from any danger, accidents and temptations and of course to give thanks for all the blessings received. Well, there are a couple of months that we have failed to visit but never twice in a row. We always get back on the next month be it in a weekday or a weekend but mostly we do our visits on a saturday morning. I have known a couple of other families doing the same as we do, though they are probably not on a monthly basis as they are living outside Cebu province, but as soon as they’re here in Cebu, they always spend time to visit the church of the Miraculous image of Mama Mary in Simala Shrine.

Visitors of Simala Shrine does not limit to catholics only or even christians or not even in nationality. Everyone is welcome. A couple of times already that our van rental guests from the Europe, Australia, America and even from South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia have rented a tourist van to take them to Simala Church but mostly though are locals from any province around the Philippines.

Getting to Simala Church

There are a couple of options to get to Simala Church from Cebu City. Simala Church is approximately 60 kilometers from Cebu City. If you will take a bus from the south bus terminal, it will take you at least 90-120 minutes to get to the church depending on the traffic. If you are driving a private vehicle, probably a lot lesser time especially if using motorcycles. The most convenient way I could think of if you are not from Cebu is to rent a van for Php3,000 (depending on the number of passengers).