Enjoying Carcar City, Cebu’s Lechon during a visit to Simala Shrine in Sibonga, Cebu | Cebu Rent-A-Van for Oslob, Kawasan Falls, Canyoneering, Moalboal, Badian Cebu

The trip to Simala church has been a monthly routine of my family since late 2010. There are a couple of months that we fail to do so but we always try to get back on the following month. We usually visit Simala church on a weekend, mostly on a Saturday morning after my shift.

From Cebu City, the church is approximately 60KM away or an hour drive but lately, it would take me a little more than 2 hours to drive there due to traffic. Up to last year (2016), we usually leave Cebu at around 7am and sometimes even earlier than that. But for a couple of months now, we depart Cebu city around 9am.

By the time we reach carcar city, we’ll stop at the public market to buy at least a kilo of their ‘lechonbaboy’. Carcar’sLechon is becoming more and more popular nowadays because obviously it so delicious. Though for me personally, there is not much of a difference when compared to Cebu City’s famous lechon like CnT, Rico’s and Thess except for one, the soup! We have tried just eating the lechon there maybe twice or thrice.

Since we departed around 9am and it will take around 2 hours to travel plus the time consumed in buying lechon, at approximately 12nn we are already near the simala shrine in sibonga, Cebu. Before reaching the church, there are a couple of mango plantations you can see along the road and beneath those mango trees, there are few tables there. So we grabbed 1 table and unpacked the lechoncarcar and “puso” hanging rice then buy some soft drinks at a small store. And now it’s time for lunch!!! Imagine the feeling of having a picnic with your family, only that this time, it’s not on a white sand beach but under the mango trees. And since I haven’t slept yet, I always take a nap for around 30 minutes then proceed to simala church. Sometimes when we arrive there early, we can still attend the mass at 12nn but most of the time, we’re late for the mass and we just pray on our own and light candles and of course take a few selfies.

On our way back to Cebu City, we’ll stop again at carcar city and this time not for lechon but for their regular and spicy chicaron and a couple of pop rice. After a few minutes, at the next municipality called San Fernando, if you want to try their delicacy, the buko pie, they are selling it on the streets. You can easily notice it as they wave the small boxes at the passing vehicles.