Hear what our clients have to say …

“Aside from lower rates, the major reason we stayed with FVS Teleservices is that they give us the ‘red carpet’ treatment…they have the best group of agents I have ever worked with in my 15 years of experience.”

Aaron J
VP – Vehicle Insurance

“The tasks i gave to my virtual assistant is never light but they always came through. Thanks to FVS for giving me a very responsible VA. Since i’ve worked with them, i have focused on things that matter much which is developing strategies for more profit”

Adriana A
Online Entrepreneur

“the qualities of their customer care representatives are awesome. They can always stay positive and patient even in a very delicate case. You can literally hear the smiles on thier tones.”

Victoria H
VP – Customer Relations Visa Affiliate Company

“One thing i have learned and appreciate the most with FVS, is their ‘quality over quantity’ belief on their outbound services for lead generation.”

Catherine B
Online Education

“Our delivery and tracking had never been this fast and easy. Our customer feedback shows how good they are.”

Michael D
Logistics Company

“Their patience, creativity, excellent communications skills and ability to stay positive at every call is what brings them to where they are now.”

Chin K
Mobile/Telecommunications Company

“Micro managing a virtual assistant defeats the purpose of getting one and i had never worked this long with a VA. Thanks to this guys for providing a good VA and thanks for their team support on her –it gets her tasks done on time.”

Kenneth T
Online Marketer and Entrepreneur

“Getting your market share for health insurance is pretty tough with all the competition in place.
But with the leads FVS gave me, i am literally at the top of the line.”

Sam W
Health Insurance

“FVS is the best in what they do for the best rate ever.”

Kenny H
Remodeling Company

“They understand the business not just theirs but mine as well and that’s what brings me where i am now.”

James W
Insurance Broker

“FVS has allowed us to quickly improve our contactability rates and significantly helped us lower cost and increase profitability…”

Phillip L
CEO – Website Hosting


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