Cebu Rent-A-Van Fleet Info and Background

Cebu Rent-A-Van for Oslob, Kawasan Falls, Canyoneering, Moalboal, Badian Cebu is a website and online image of a group of tour specialists or tourist transport drivers around Cebu and some from Bohol, Negros and Siquijor. The primary objective of this site is to provide information and tour service connecting at least 4 islands (as of now)  or the whole formerly known as region VII, hence the name ‘The Next Links’ – providing links and virtual bridges between the 4 main islands and the smaller islands around it. Members accepted are only those driving van rentals with LTFRB franchise and DOT certifications.



Cebu Rent-A-Van for Oslob, Kawasan Falls, Canyoneering, Moalboal, Badian Cebu


The Brief Facts of the Organizer

The group is organized by Jeths, at least that is what his friends call him. He is an IT Professional working as an IT Director of a call center in Mandaue City, Cebu since year 2009 and has been an IT consultant for other companies in Davao and Cebu. Prior to that, he was a college IT instructor for a couple of years. On top of his passion for IT stuff, he is also an adventurer who loves to travel for different adventures and white sand beaches (well, who does not love beaches!!!) and loves to write about it –A wanna-be blogger of sorts. 🙂

With the encouragements from family and friends, he, along with family members and friends, started a Cebu Rent-a-van and tour company duly registered in SEC so it would be easier for him to share the adventures and itineraries he have made and done.

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