5 Days 4 Nights Cebu Bohol Light Adventure Tour | Cebu Rent-A-Van for Oslob, Kawasan Falls, Canyoneering, Moalboal, Badian Cebu



Day 1: Cebu – Bohol Country Side Tours

06:45AM – pickup at Aiport/Sea Port/Hotel within Cebu City then drop off at Cebu City Pier 1
08:00AM – Ferry/Fast Craft Departure from Cebu to Bohol
10:00AM – Arrival in Bohol then pickup then start of Country Side tour

– Blood Compact Site
– Baclayon Church
– St. Peter’s Ruins Church
– Bohol Biggest Snake in Captivity
– River Cruise Floating Restaurant with Buffet Lunch
– Bilar Man-made Forest
– Tarsier Visit
– Chocolate Hills and Adventure Rides (Bike Zip & ATV Ride fees not included in the package)
– Butterfly Garden
– Hanging Bridge
– EcoTourism Adventure Park (Zipline & Cable Car) (Adventure Ride fees not included in the package)

04:00PM – End of Tour then Proceed to Wharf/Sea Port
05:30PM – Departure for Cebu City
07:30PM – Pickup from Cebu Sea Port / Wharf then Drop off to Hotel at the City

Day 2: Cebu Twin City Tour

07:30am – Pickup at any point in Cebu City or Lapu-Lapu City (Hotels/Airport)

– Sugbo Museum
– Fort San Pedro
– Heritage of Cebu Monument
– Cebu Cathedral Church
– San Diego House
– Basilica del Sto Niño Church
– Magellan’s Cross
– Taoist Temple
– Temple of Leah
– Lapu-Lapu Shrine
– Guitar Factories

05:00PM – (End of City Tour) Drop Off to Hotel at the City

Day 3: Simala Church + Osmeña Peak

10:30AM – Checkout and Departure from Hotel then proceed to Simala Church at Lindogon, Sibonga
12:30PM – Arrival at Simala Church then Lunch (meal cost not included in the package)
03:30PM – Departure from Simala Church and proceed to Dalaguete
04:30PM – Arrival then Trekking to Osmeña Peak (sunset view of the whole province from up top)
05:45PM – Departure from Osmeña Peak
07:00PM – Arrival at the hotel/resort in Oslob (can do night swimming at the pool of the resort)

Day 4: Oslob Tour – Whale shark Watching and encounter and Sumilon Island Sandbar and Sanctuary

05:45 AM –Departure from Hotel
06:00 AM – Arrival in Oslob Whale Watching Venue

– Registration
– Briefing
– Whale Shark encounter / watching

07:30 AM – Breakfast (meal cost not included in the package)
08:00 AM – Boat ride for Sumilon Island
11:00 AM – Departure from Sumilon
12:00 NN – Lunch (cost not included in the package)
12:30 PM – Depart for Tumalog Falls
01:00 PM – Swimming and picture taking at Tumalog Falls
03:00PM – Departure from Tumalog and proceed to the resort/hotel

***Please note there will be an add-on fee of Php500 / foreigner joining whale watching as required by Oslob’s municipal/tourism ordinance

Day 5: South Cebu Chasing Waterfalls

08:00AM –Checkout and Departure to Hot Springs
09:00AM – Arrival at Hot Springs and Waterfalls (5 Levels of Falls)
11:00AM – Departure from Malabuyoc Hot Springs then proceed to Kawasan Falls
12:00NN – Lunch at Kawasan Falls area (meal cost not included in the package)
01:00PM – Swimming and bamboo rafting at Kawasan Falls
04:00PM – Departure from Kawasan Falls and head back to the City
07:00PM – Arrival at Cebu/Lapu-Lapu City then drop off to hotel or Airport




(Note: Malabuyoc Hot Springs may be replaced with Inambakan Falls if it will be damaged by flash floods again)

5 Days 4 Nights Tour Package Prices:

2 pax @ Php 19,500 / head
3 pax @ Php 15,100 / head
4 pax @ Php 12,850 / head
5 pax @ Php 11,450 / head
6 pax @ Php 10,800 / head
7 pax @ Php 10,400 / head
8 pax @ Php 9,800 / head
9 pax @ Php 9,400 / head
10 pax @ Php 9,100 / head
11 pax @ Php 8,850 / head
12 pax @ Php 8,600 / head
13 pax @ Php 8,450 / head
14 pax @ Php 8,300 / head

(1 pax @ Php 35,350 / head)




Note: There will be an add-on fee of Php500/foreigners joining whale shark watching in Oslob, Cebu as part of their municipal/tourism ordinance.

5 Days 4 Nights Tour Package Inclusions:

– Fully Air-conditioned transportation for the whole duration
– Cebu-Bohol round trip tickets
– Bohol Country side venue entrance and parking fees
– Lunch buffet at Loboc River Cruise
– Cebu Twin City Tour venue entrance and parking fees
– Osmeña Peak venue fees and motorbike ride fare
– Whale Shark watching and encounter fees, boat ride and gear rentals
– Boat ride rental and snorkels for Sumilon Island Sandbar and Sanctuary and venue entrance fees
– Tumalog falls parking, entrance fees and motorbike fare
– Malabuyoc hotsprings and Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu venue entrance fees
– Night 1 and Night 2: Cebu City
– Night 3 and Night 4: Oslob, Cebu

Tour Package Exclusions:
⁃ All Meals (except Day 1 Lunch buffet at Loboc River Cruise)
⁃ Add-on Fee for foreign nationals joining the whale shark watching adventure
⁃ Adventure ride fees like zip line, ATVs, zip bike are not included
⁃ Airfare/Plane Tickets
Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Adventure fees (Add-on of Php1,300 / head if you want to include canyoneering)
⁃ Bamboo rafting fees at Kawasan Falls