How to Pay your Virtual Assitants

Virtual staffs, or virtual assistants, are people you hire online to do your work for you. If you’re part of a company, these people that you hired will also be part of the company, but their presence is only on a virtual level; hence, the name virtual staff or virtual assistant. Virtual staffs can be hired from any point in the world, but most of them are usually from countries who are doing well in the outsourcing industry like the Philippines and India. If you plan on hiring people to be your home-based virtual staff or home-based virtual assistant, here are a couple of important things that you need to consider.

The different tasks

Virtual assistants come in different classes. They can accommodate general tasks, but some of them are also meant to accommodate specific tasks only. 1.) General virtual staffs/General virtual Assistants – These people are the ones who do a multitude of tasks like transcription or data entry, appointment setting or calendar management, flight bookings, and even social media management.

2.) SEO Experts – These people are in charge doing your SEO tasks for you like niche, market, and keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, blog and social media management, and benchmarking.

3.) Content writers – These people will be in charge of creating content or articles for your blog, website, or for off-page optimization purposes. When capable, they can also create videos that will help drive traffic to your blog.

4.) Web development – These people are probably a rare bunch, but they’re considered to be the highest paid Vas because of the required skill levels needed to perform the tasks. Their tasks include website layout and designing, programming (pHp, Java, etc.), software or application development (RoR or Ruby on Rails), and the list goes on.

5.) Telemarketers or Customer Service Representatives – This type of Virtual Assistants are also very rare, considering they are hired by a lot of companies on a physical level, meaning that they report to the company’s office for work. However, there are certain jobs which will allow you to work from the comforts of your own home.

What are the basis for Virtual Staff‘s salaries?

As an employer, you can choose to pay your virtual staffs or virtual assistants in two ways: you can pay them on a monthly basis (one-time payment at the end of the month, or two separate bi-weekly payments) or you can pay them per project. The more popular option is the former, considering that a lot of employers hire virtual staffs on a long-term basis. How you pay your virtual staff is irrelevant, but what is important is how you determine their pay. This should be the basis on how much you should pay your virtual employees:

1.) Skill level and qualifications – Employees with more experience or background will get a higher pay rate than those who are just starting to become Virtual Assistants.

2.) Internet connection – Virtual Staff’s are required to have stable and fast Internet connection at home, and this can be pretty expensive when they’re in the Philippines. A 2MB connection, which is fast enough for a residential connection, will cost $60 to $80 a month.

3.) Place –Virtual Staff’s work from their own homes or pads, but for the latter, their salary will cover the expenses for the rent. On average, pad or apartment rental can cost a minimum of $60 a month to a maximum of $500 a month.

4.) Utilities – Virtual Staff’s will spend a lot of time online and using the computer, so they can expect their electric bills to skyrocket to $50 to $250, depending on where they are located.

The salary of your Virtual staff should be able to cover all of these expenses while leaving them with enough money to save.

Make your virtual staff work for you in the long term

Philippines have already been tagged as one of the largest business process outsourcing in the world. No wonder that as of to date, there are already numerous call centers in the Philippines sprouting in its capital. Aside from that, the number of home-based virtual staffs is also increasing by the day. It is no wonder that indeed, the country has been a major business and service hub globally.

Employers around the world would surely want to hire home based virtual staffs to aid them with their business. However, the dilemma revolves on how to keep their workers with them for long. Oftentimes, work at home jobs has the lowest retention rate and employees tend to stay for three months or less. Should you be experiencing this in your own team, here are some tips on making your virtual employees work for you on a long term basis.

Tip 1: Communication. In any home based virtual Assistant jobs, communication is essential. Since you are not able to see your virtual employees, it is a must that you get to check on them whenever you can. It is a must that you get to talk to them with regards to their jobs. In order to guarantee such you can require them to submit a daily work report at the end of their shift. You may ask to include in their report some problems they might have encountered during their tasks so it can be resolved immediately.

Tip 2: Motivate. Employees tend to stick with their jobs should they be motivated in any form or gesture. As a rule of thumb give praises when it is due to them. Complement their work and how far they have improved over time. Employees even virtual staffs would love to hear or read this from their bosses. This can be a good moral boosting on their end that will get them to do more with their job. However, this does not mean that you will overlook their mistakes. Point it out as well but in a manner that is ethical and direct.

Tip 3: Empower them. It is a sad fact for virtual staffs to do the same job almost every day. In this case, it is but suggested that you assign tasks that will empower them to think and even do more. For instance, if you have virtual staffs doing search engine optimization in your site, why not assign them to write an article or two every other day. In this way, they will not get bored with their job and they will be challenged to do and try something new. Provide them training materials for their growth and development. In the long run, it is you who will benefit most from all of these.

Retaining virtual staffs in your abode is not a difficult task to perform. Simply follow these tips as these can greatly help you. Better yet try these on your current employees. You would be surprised on their trust and dedication towards you.

Why you should hire Filipino Virtual Assistant

Employees are valuable because they can make your company grow. You would be lucky enough as a business owner if you end up hiring the right people with the right attitude. Sometimes, this may not go too well for you because you’ll end up working with the wrong people, or people who may look like they are the right people for the job but actually aren’t. Hiring the wrong people can have a huge impact on the success of your business. Worst case scenario here is that you will lose more money instead of earning them.

Big problem for small companies

When business owners cannot complete a task in their company because they lack the manpower, they usually hire other people to do the work for them. This is good if you’re a big company, but small business owners will find this to be a terrible financial burden. For example, when a company owner cannot hire in-house maintenance personnel, he will resort to hiring from another agency. This is different from hiring people or companies to do stuff like website development, appointment setting, writing, and other tasks that require specialization. Local companies that specialize on these tasks will be expensive, so business owners will have a hard time hiring outside help. Thankfully, outsourcing is a good way to provide relief for this problem.

Why outsource?

Outsourcing is when you hire people from other countries to do the work for you. The main reason why business owners prefer this strategy over hiring local help is that the labour costs are cheap. India and Philippines are two outsourcing giants in their own rights because they are known to provide the best quality of work for the best price imaginable. While India is known for its capabilities in software and web development, Philippines is known for its call centre industry and its reliable virtual assistants.

A lot of business owners prefer to hire Filipino virtual assistants over any other nationality because:

1.) Filipino virtual assistants are honest. They make it a point to inform their employers about their current situation because it helps build a stronger business relationship. There are only a few instances where Filipino Virtual assistants try to scam employers, which end up giving the entire VA community a bad name or image.

2.) Filipino virtual assistants are very talented. In most cases, Filipino Virtual staff are able to tackle tasks outside their job responsibilities. I once worked with a VA who was able to create videos and design posters, even though I hired him to write content for my website. I also recall a friend of mine who hired a VA who was very good in website development, yet he was hired to do SEO work for him.

3.) Filipino virtual assistants are reliable. They make it a point to make up for the work they missed, or to catch up on tasks that are nearing deadlines. For employers who set up a strict working schedule, Filipino virtual assistants have no qualms about this, even if it means having to work at 3:00AM until 12:00NN for 5 to 6 days a week.

Filipino virtual assistants can help your company grow. All you have to do is give them an opportunity to work with you.

Home-based Virtual Assistant Jobs

Are you interested in becoming a virtual assistant? Have you been eying to have some home-based outsourcing projects rather than having one in an office setting? Should that be the case, then you are in the right track of becoming one.

The Philippines is best known as one outsourcing job in the world. Outsourcing in the Philippines is one blooming business. Even more, this is not only in the premise of a call center but exceeds even at home. It is with this regard that many individuals are interested in virtual staffing rather than confining themselves in an office environment. You too could be able to seize this kind of opportunity should you know the possible jobs that you can resort into.

If you are interested to know the top four works you can associate being a home-based virtual staff, here are some you can take into hand.

Virtual Staff Work 1: Writer. One great home-based job that you can have as a virtual assistant is to write for foreign employers. In this case, topics are generally given to you and you will be handed over with the keywords and the number of words. It would then be your initiative to research about the topic so you can meet the minimum word count. To date, writing should be a breeze should you have the right resources and all the more you know how to write creatively in the first place.

Virtual Staff Work 2: Transcriber. Another booming virtual assistant job that you can grab is being a transcriber. In here, audio files will be provided on your end. All you have to do would be to convert it into words by typing it in an environment similar to Word and Notepad. The topics given for transcribing is dependent on your employer. Oftentimes, these are audio files involving the fields of medicine and business. If you have that keen sense of hearing and strong typing skills, then this would be one ideal job on your end.

Virtual Staff Work 3: Website developer and optimizer (SEO/Link Builders). With the number of businesses converting themselves to the web, the demand for website building is zooming high through the years. No wonder, that this is also one in demand virtual assistant job on the net. If you have knowledge on HTML and also CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) this can be one lucrative home-based career. Even more, aside from designing, most employers are actually looking for site optimizing for search engine purposes. You need not worry on initial knowledge since most employers provide training materials and the like to their virtual assistants. You will only have to learn the subject matter in the fastest possible time.

Virtual Staff Work 4: General Admin. The aim of most business owners is to unload administrative tasks and focus on the marketing and strategies of the business. With these, they may need you to do email management, trip planning, calendar management, research, call receptionist among other things.

These are the top four home-based virtual staff jobs you can be able to resort into should you decide to become one. It is with this regard that one can definitely see a goldmine amidst the information superhighway. So what are you waiting for? It would be best to start your search and who knows you might land into any of these soon.

Working with Filipino Virtual Staff

Outsourcing is a business strategy where you hire people from a different country to do your tasks. Normally, you can hire local individual or companies and firms for a number of tasks, but this can be a problem because you will be spending some money for their services. For example, you can hire a local IT firm to develop your company’s website or system. If your company is doing well in terms of generating profits, you will not be worried about spending the money, but if not, you will be forced to look for other alternatives. Thankfully, you can outsource these tasks and more to Filipino virtual Staffs.

Why outsource?

A lot of business owners think that outsourcing is bad for the local economy because you will not be hiring people from your area to do your jobs. Sometimes, business owners think that this is why a lot of people are unemployed in their area. If you were a business owner and you would like to cut costs without risking quality, outsource is a good idea and here’s why:

1.) There’s a big difference in terms of labour costs when you’re outsourcing. Hiring a virtual Staff to build your website can shave off more than a hundred dollars from the amount that you will be spending if you were to hire a local firm.

2.) You are not cheating a virtual employee. There are no ethical violations when you’re hiring a Filipino virtual staff because you are paying him or her the right amount of money.

3.) Your tasks are immediately prioritized, so you’ll get your tasks done within the time span indicated.

Why hire Filipino virtual Staffs?

You can hire virtual staff from all over the world, but most business owners from USA,UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA prefer to hire people from the Philippines. Here’s why:

1.) Labour is cheap – The average monthly salary of a Filipino virtual staff in the Philippines ranges from $300 to $1000, depending on their experience and tasks. Web and software developers can go beyond this range, but they’re reasonable as you will be requiring higher skills.

2.) Filipino Virtual Staffs are honest – Filipino Virtual Staff are very honest and loyal, even though their reputation has been tarnished slightly by those who like to scam foreign employers. I’ve had a friend who is working with a virtual staff for close to 3 years now, and they are both happy.

3.) Filipino Virtual Staffs are dedicated – Filipinos are hardworking and dedicated. They will set up a time to work on the tasks that you’ve given them. They will always find a way to work on the tasks that you’ve given them.

4.) Filipino Virtual Staffs are resourceful – Filipinos are more talented than you think. A lot of foreign employers prefer hiring Filipino Virtual assistants because they can go beyond their duties. I hired a web developer a couple of years ago to create the company website, but he was also the one who created our company logo and YouTube advertisement video.

Outsourcing is a good way for your business to grow without having to shell out a lot of money, and hiring Filipino Virtual Staff  can do wonders for your business.

Home-based Filipino Virtual Assistants can grow your business !!!

Trying to grow and improve your existing business? Are you finding ways in order to make it grow and even increment the existing stature of it? Have you tried every possible ways just to make this work? Should that be the case, then you are in the right place. You are about to find out how you can be able to make your business grow at the tune of affordable labor and easy related work.

In order to make such work, there is one other way. Aside from that, this can surely brought wonder to your business. You would be amazed on how far your business will grow should you implement this methodology. I am talking about getting home-based Filipino Virtual assistants. Perhaps you might be wondering then, how can they aid your business? How can home-based Filipino virtual assistants make your business grow? Can they really make it grow? Here are some tidbits of information as to why opting for such a thing can be indeed viable for your business.

Home-based Filipino Virtual Assistants are there to help with the current business processes. They have a work to do that in turn can aid your business in general. There are many reasons as to why you would hire one. Some managers and business owners need to have a home-based Filipino Virtual Assistant to act as their secretary. They would be the one responsible for sorting up his or her schedule, assign meetings, does documentations and the like. Other businesses hire home-based Filipino Virtual Assistant for immediate support purposes. For instance, they are there to answer customer queries and also do support with regards to the business services and more with either chat, email or even answers calls. While others tend to hire home-based Filipino Virtual Assistant to help in a business process. This could mean doing managerial tasks or simple administration tasks.

The reason why getting  home-based Filipino Virtual Assistant is duly recommended in times like this is simply because of the affordability of the labor itself. Take for instance the call centers in the Philippines. Businesses worldwide tend to flock in that country because it can provide high quality support at a fraction of the cost. This in turn can make the business save tons of money most especially with labor cost. In your case, home-based Filipino Virtual Assistant can help not only in terms of job output but it can help your business save in the long run. You will realize just how much you can be able to save when you tend to hire filipino home-based virtual assistant for yourself. This will have a positive impact on your business since you can utilize the money for other necessities such as marketing, research and even product development.

There is no denying how important virtual assistants are today with regards to work and business. Hence should you want a high quality output without spending much, it would be best that you hire a virtual assistant. Truth be told, you need not even spend for the office installation for him or her. This reason too can make you save a lot.

Growing your business with Filipino virtual Staff

Have you been considering on pursuing outsourcing for your business? Perhaps are you keen on doing this one for a business process of yours? Have you been thinking of doing this considering the demand and more so the popularity of Outsourcing businesses? In that case, I must begin to say that you are already making the right way.

Outsourcing is a trend of assigning a business process to another business entity. This could mean another business located elsewhere with a different set of employees and the like that attends to your needs and demands. Common outsourcing business involves customer and technical support as seen with the many call centers in the Philippines. Apart from that, there are also separate filipino virtual staff that you can employ in another location addressing a specific business process you would like to assign. Its popularity rises especially in the Philippines making the outsourcing sector a bulk in the economy of the country. And it is strongly suggested that you get to hire Filipino virtual staffs.

Perhaps at this point in time, you might be asking as to why you would consider them in your pool of employees. Why even hire Filipinos in the first place? What is their edge over the other cultures? How can they be able to help your business grow? Allow me to explain.

There are many advantages when you tend to hire Filipino virtual staffs. For one, they have very strong work ethics if we are to compare it with the other cultures. They are very efficient on tasks assigned to them and even more they have that sense of quality that they deliver. Filipinos are good in English too. Whatever the task, be it on customer support or writing or whatnot, they can be able to do such with ease. Simply give them instructions as to how and they can be able to fulfill it.

Filipinos Virtual Staff are also known for their good traits. As such, they can be considered one great asset for the company. They are very loyal to their bosses and they even have that tendency to work for more hours. When you tend to call them and ask for a specific job to finish immediately, they would be able to do it as soon as possible. Relatively you can never find another culture that can be able to do just that. They are by far great virtual employees if you were to ask me.

No wonder with their strong work ethics and work attitude, any business would be able to grow with them on the sleeves. Aside from that, they will really earnestly help you in any way they can. This is then made possible because of how they work and deal with others. Hence, if you are still in doubt as to what kind of virtual employees to hire in your outsourcing business, it would be best that you opt for the Filipino Virtual Staff. You would surely not regret this kind of decision. Even more, you would be surprised how your business has grown.

What can virtual Staff do for your business

Interested to outsource a business process or two? Have you been aiming to hire filipino virtual assistants or home based virtual staff to aid your business? Are you still trying to figure out the things that a Filipino virtual assistant can do for you? Should that be the case, allow me to enlighten you.

Filipino Virtual assistants are technically home based employees that work for you. Instead of housing them in an office and even more having an office for them as a physical location to work, they are comfortably situated in their houses doing the tasks assigned to them. Cost wise, they are the cheapest if we are to compare them with other employees simply because you need not build an office in order to run your business. In addition, all tasks from hiring to assigning and even payment are done online. No wonder, this is more of a popular choice with regards to outsourcing.

Asking what can virtual assistants do for your business? Are you trying to dissect just how they can be able to aid in your outsourcing business? Aside from that, just what they can be able to contribute in you that in turn can improve your business over time? Here are some facts you might be interested to know.

Virtual assistants can aid in fulfilling task or tasks assigned to them. They are employees after all who are paid to deliver in order to aid your business in general. Aside from that, most virtual assistants who are hired in home based setup are equally efficient if we are to compare it with office employees. In addition, they can be good assets of the business most especially if they have proven the things they can do for you. There are some virtual assistants after all that can be able to do more. And with such, you can be able to maximize their potential.

Filipino Virtual assistants can contribute low cost labor for your business. This is because of the notion that since they are under the outsourcing umbrella, typically their cost of labor is lower if we are to compare it with employees outside. With such, you can be able to save tons in the process. You can then utilize your money for your business and focus it there. Furthermore, since most of the virtual assistants are situated at home, there is no need for you to build up an office for them. This in turn is another money saver on your end. Virtual assistants can do more in the process. Their contribution is eminent and even greater that you just can’t simply brush them away. If we look closely on their contribution to a specific business or company, one could realize that indeed they are great assets to begin with rather than liabilities. With such things in mind, it would be best to proceed to outsourcing and even more hire your own set of virtual assistants. You would be surprised on the things they can do for you and your business as a whole.